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Photo Gallery

Tribute to Nelson Mandela Tribute to Nelson Mandela Mandela's 90th birthday 189108349 Mandela and Muhummad Ali 189108350 Mandela and Muhummad Ali 189108351 Mandela at a rally 189108352 Mandela throws a basketball 189108353 Mandela and David Beckham 189108354 Mandela and Bill Clinton visits Robin Island jail 189108355 Mandela and Bono 189108356 Mandela embraces Castro 189108357 Mandela and Castro 189108358 189108359 Mandela and Charlize Theron 189108360 A child mimics Mandela's upright fist 189108361 189108362 Mandela and De Klerk 189108363 Mandela and De Klerk 189108364 189108365 Mandela and De Klerk receive the Nobel Peace Prize 189108366 189108367 Mandela's album cover 189108368 189108369 Mandela's fist 189108370 Mandela in Soweto 189108371 Mandela and Graca Machel 189108372 Mandela and Graca Machel 189108373 189108374 189108375 Mandela and Holyfield with his wife 189108376 Mandela and Inesta 189108377 Mandela and Khadafi 189108378 Mandela and Naomi Campbell 189108379 Mandela and Obama 189108380 Mandela and OliverTambo 189108381 Mandela and Oprah 189108382 189108383 Mandela and Pele 189108384 Mandela and South African rugby player Pienaar 189108385 Mandela and Pope John Paul II 189108386 Mandela and Pope John Paul II 189108387 Mandela at a news conference 189108388 Mandela and Prince Charles 189108389 Mandela and Queen Elizabeth 189108390 Mandela and Ronaldo 189108391 Mandela with Rubinho and Adegbayor 189108392 Mandela being sworn in as President 189108393 Mandela smilng 189108394 Mandela in Soweto 189108395 Mandela with the King of Spain 189108396 Mandela and the Prince of Spain 189108397 Mandela and Tiger Woods 189108398 Mandela in traditional african clothes 189108399 Mandela in traditional african clothes 189108400 Mandela and Desmond Tutu 189108401 Mandela and Desmond Tutu with the World Cup 189108402 Mandela and George Weah 189108403 Mandela in traditional clothes with a dove 189108404 Winnie and Nelson Mandela 189108405 Winnie and Nelson Mandela 189108406 Winnie and Nelson Mandela 189108407 Winnie and Nelson Mandela Wedding day 189108408 Mandela in Xhosa clothing 189108409 Mandela with Zambia Players 189108410 Mandela with Zuma and Thabo M'beki 189108411 Mandela with Zuma in traditional clothes 189108412 Mandela in 1961 189108413 Mandela Boxing in 1957 189109785 Mandela and Walter Sisulu -13 June1964 189109786 Mandela with wives Winnie and Graca 189109787 Mandela with Winnie and child 189109788 Mandela and Winnie at the Honoris Causa Computense 189109789 Mandela waving 189109791