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Autobiographical Sketch

I thank you for taking your time to visit this website. I belong to a new generation of Africans who believe in the African spiritual, cultural, social, political, and economic renewal. I am humbled with the experience of a vision carrier, a human rights advocate, a scholar, a political analyst, and a professional journalist.

Indeed, I have a vision for Africa which is a new dispensation of panafricanism that I have coined, “The Vision for the Redemption of Africa.” It stands upon the universal principle of unity, which when put into motion, unfolds into eight dimensions constituting the eight pillars of the novel articulation of panafricanism: philosophical, spiritual, cultural, educational, social, technological, economical, and political.

My contribution in the field of academic research, namely my dissertation, “Discourse on Regional Economic Integration: Towards a Theory of Panafrican Authentic Development” is the foundational and theoretical architecture as well as the blue print of my vision of a united, redeemed, and prosperous Africa. Even though the study touched upon some of the above-mentioned pillars, it remains the cornerstone of the economic pillar.

I devote my daily life working with friends and peers in building a universal alliance for the redemption of Africa. With committed and devoted friends of Africa, I have contributed and continue to contribute to the advancement of the panafrican vision through the Revival of Panafricanism Forum, the Cradle of a New Panafrican Consciousness. I have always believed that a strong civic and civil society can be instrumental in democratization, the process of nation building, and the construction of a new and redeemed Africa.

I have dedicated my life to promote social justice and freedom. While in Ivory Coast, I worked for eight years as an independent journalist who supported the struggle for democracy. Prior to that, as a student, I was one of the student movement’s leaders that inspired and led the students in our demands for freedom and the first multi-party-society in 1990, after three decades of a one party political system from 1960-1990 in Ivory Coast.

In the Ivory Coast, besides being a founding member of the Ivorian Journalists Association, I helped create other Non Governmental Organizations such as the “SOS” Solidarity Prison to assist prisoners. I worked also as a consultant to the Ivory Coast Women’s Association whose objective is to defend Ivorian women rights, because I believe that women’s rights are human rights. Also, I was involved in the struggle for the cancellation of poor countries debt as a Jubilee 2000 Coalition’s member of which I was the first president of the Ivorian chapter.

In sum, as the struggle for freedom and justice is my life, I strive to live up to the historical imperative of my generation which is to advance the cause of African prosperity and unity, with the conviction that we shall overcome, because “Unity is the Law of God.”  

courtesy of DDG7